Tiny Homes and Cabins

Mountainview has always driven to make home ownership affordable. utilizing proven factory built RTM and modular homes which incorporate“Green” technologies, and the Tiny Home and Cabin movement has certainly provided another method of living sustainably and stylishly.

The Tiny Homes we manufacture and build can be set either on a foundation like a regular house or can remain mobile on wheels.   Every square inch counts in small home design, and we carefully will plan with you to create the small house plan of your dreams.

No matter if it is an additional Lane Home, an AirBB tp place on your property and rent out, or your dream home either living on or off the grid.  We will assist you in design and planning, manufacture, and deliver your Tiny Home or Cottage affordably and stylishly.

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For a little inspiration here are 25 incredible award-winning tiny Homes that have been manufactured and built then used as AirBnB Click here.

iny Home Cabin in AB, SK, BC

Stylish living is capable with great design and planning in a Tiny Home Built in Alberta and Shipped to BC, AB, or SK.

If you are seeking a tiny home, cottage, or home we can either adjust these Ready to Move Home plans or design you one based off of these or from scratch.  Just ask us.

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