It was horrible to lose our home during the wildfires of Fort McMurray. 

Thanks so much for getting us here.

Amazing to see it go from a design standpoint on paper, to see the pieces get built in different areas of your plant but to see this (home)  arrive yesterday and put together is more than I can put into words.

A year ago, when we re-entered we were in a camper on our lot looking at rubble.   Now look at this beauty!   Your team did an amazing build at the plant and Marilee became more than a sales person for me.

Zero regrets doing RTM – it was the way to go for us. Waiting years for a stick build to be done for us wasn’t an option.

It’s simply amazing to see the quality of workmanship inside of a complete home with all the bells and whistles.


When I was ready to build my retirement cabin I didn’t want to have to deal with many subcontractors, but rather one contractor who would handle everything, thereby only having to communicate with one person.  I found this with Mountain View Industries located in Cardston, Alberta.  I was able to view different building designs from their web page and they gave me the flexibility to modify their original design.  I presented them with a design that I wanted and sat down with them and discussed how I wanted the cabin and garage finished.  Once we agreed on the design and materials, they drew up a contract within my budget, including a payment schedule.

Even though their basic packages offer high quality materials I upgraded some of them further to get exactly what I wanted.  I was able to make a lot of these selections via the web and sent them the particulars via e-mail.  This was very convenient for me.
The company is small, but this avoids the bureaucracy of larger companies.  Being small they try harder to ensure you are happy.  I am very pleased with the final product and would recommend their services to anyone wishing to build.

James William

Retired, Green BPE

Hi Guys:

Well my cabin and garage survived our recent wind storm much better then this other cabin at the resort.  The only noticeable damage to my buildings was my outside thermometer on the cabin was twisted back on its bracket and my picnic table shifted across my gazebo deck.

Another neighbour had his canoe picked up and thrown about 150 feet onto another lot. Other places had their patio furniture upset and moved.

Thanks for building me a solid home and garage.

James William

Retired, Green BPE

In 2010 we had the good fortune of having  build our new home in Cardston, AB. The building process was very unique in that all the construction took place indoors. We got to witness the whole building process from the ground up. The workmanship was second to none and the quality of products used was of a very good standard. MVI was very accommodating when it came to customizing the home the way we wanted it. Overall we were very happy with our new home. The service we got from MVI throughout the whole process was very good. We are very happy the the end product.

When my husband and I decided to build a house by our business,we had certain size restraints to meet. The house would have to be long and narrow. We also needed a home that was affordable. We had checked out many possibilities and wondered exactly what Mountain View Industries was all about. We stopped and had a chat with them and found that they built RTM homes. We explained what we needed. As we were talking, they mentioned they had the house that the local high school had built for a grade 12 project. It was the perfect width and a nice length. The clincher was a front porch. I found a floor plan that I liked and they had it redrawn to fit the floor space available. We were very happy working with Mountain View Industries. They were very accommodating and easy to work with. We were very pleased with the end result. In fact, we had them do our landscaping and side porch. I would happily recommend them for your building project.
Deb & Paul Brauti

I am happy to tell you that Mountain View Ind. Ltd. built my house.  They were very helpful and things were completed in a timely manner.
When we needed sidewalks put in, we again hired Mountain View Ind. Ltd. to take care of this project.  We are very pleased with the finished product that again was done in a very timely manner.
Following the devastating hailstorm in July 2012, we contacted Mountain View Ind. Ltd for the repair work.  Once again the work was completed quickly and the end results were excellent.
I have no problem recommending them to any who are interested in procuring their services.
Deb & Paul Brauti

I would like to say thank you for a fantastic job that you did on the Crop Production office that you built for us. You were ahead of schedule and on budget on it and your help in getting everything organized is well appreciated. Everything looks great on the inside and the location is very happy with the way things turned out.

They said that working with the people at Mountain View was a pleasure and how friendly everyone was.

Crop Production Services will be calling again when we are ready to do some offices at other locations. Once again thank you.

Craig Broten

RE: Little Bow Cabin

My husband and I would like to thank everyone at Mountain View Industries that was involved in the process of building our new cabin at Little Bow Resort.

We have wanted to build for a long time, but we were not sure where to start. After talking with Geno at Mountain View Industries we were very excited and could not wait to start construction.

The communication throughout the process was fantastic and our questions/concerns were addressed promptly. We also enjoyed receiving pictures at the different stages of construction.

Now that we have taken possession of the cabin and have had the chance to settle in we just wanted to let you know how happy we are and our expectations have been exceeded.

We would defiantly recommend Mountain View Industries to anyone!

Thanks Again!

Franco & Jennifer Marciano

I would like to take a minute to share with you how happy I am with the house Mountainview built for
I have been living in it since September last year and it is cool in the summer, warm in the winter, and
exceptionally sound and quiet.
I love how the decor coordinates and looks so goodlThe repairs from moving the house are not
distinguishable even in the brightest of lights.
Thank you for a beautiful home, ljust love how it turned out’

Have a great day Marilee.

Best regards,

Dani Mellian

Donna and I wanted an acreage, we shopped for the “all done acreage” but things escalated when we found our bare land.  Ok, so the next thing was to buy it.  Again, I did not want too but we now owned bare land and there was no stopping.  I did the research and knew I needed help.  Not knowing what we wanted but knowing we were all in, so we met with Geno at the Lethbridge Home and Garden Trade Show and then Donna and I went to the factory to have a look.  Geno gave us the tour of the plant and also a look at a cabin being built.

Summer came and we were camping on our lot, still plannning and knowing there was a big job ahead.  Donna then tells me she found that cabin we saw being built in the plant Mountain View Ind. ltd. in Cardston on Kijiji,  it was all built and ready to go. We checked it out and again met with Geno.  It all felt right and  the cabin did the lot justice but did we really want the hassell of a build.  Geno then priced us the cabin with a finished basement and a garage all done, the price was right so it was a done deal, Geno took it on.

The first day we met with the county our trouble began, all the rules and hurdles to jump through, I knew it.  Once everything was done, it was a year behind just like that.  Geno got the “Go ahead” from us and he was off to the races.   Ground was broke, footings dug, and the ICF walls were ready and then the moving day.  This was the only day I took off from work during the build.  By nightfall our cabin was home. Now the rest is not history!

Mother nature had to have a say. When building the garage and decks on site, the builders had to deal with wind, rain and snow.  Then once they had the roof on and the siding in place, along  came the biggest hail storm in recent history. It wiped us out!, Geno had to meet the hail adjusters and do it all again.  Trust me, Geno knows our place inside and out, but today it is all done.

My acreage build was not without its troubles. Dealing with Fortus, ATCO Gas, County of Cardston, lawyers and insurance company’s, it was tiring. I still didn’t take any time off work, no cell phones or texts, Geno got the job done.  Geno and Marilee are welcome guest in our home. I know he had worries because I watched him deal with all the problems. I can’t thank Geno and Marilee enough.

Gordon & Donna Turnbull