Spray Foam

There are several reasons to use spray foam. Quick installation, energy savings, environmental friendliness, health, and durability are primary benefits. HTS spray foam acts as an air and vapor barrier, and is applied by trained and certified applicators.

Keeping the heat in and the cold out!

Your customers deserve the best insulation and that’s Premium Spray Products. Applying our residential and commercial polyurethane foam insulation has many benefits and is the preferred way to insulate against winter cold and summer heat. Our foam insulation can save up to 40% each year in heating and cooling costs and can pay for itself in just a few years.

Here are a few other benefits…

  • Foam insulation can be applied quickly.
  • It is applied by trained, certified applicators.
  • Acts as an air barrier, some formulations also act as a vapour barrier.
  • It seals out drafts and won’t sag, shrink or shift like batts or loose fill.
  • It’s mold-proof, pest-proof and reduces noise.
  • Does not release harmful or smelly chemicals after curing.
  • Does not damage the ozone layer.

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