ICF Basements allow us to PreFab your Basement.

Advantage ICF System®


The Advantage ICF System® is now a mainstream building product. Its popularity continues to grow as architects, specifiers, building contractors, and the public at large, become increasingly familiar with the benefits of using Insulating Concrete Forming (ICF) systems in residential and commercial construction projects.

Advantage ICF is a one-piece, stay-in-place, insulating concrete form made of expanded polystyrene (EPS) insulation. A series of strong plastic web connectors are permanently molded into two EPS panels to create a building block. The integral plastic webs act as the studs in a wall assembly, and are spaced at either 6 or 8 inches on center.

The Advantage ICF System is a patented insulating concrete forming system consisting of two layers of expanded polystyrene (EPS) insulation connected with web connectors moulded into the EPS insulation. The top and bottom edges of Advantage ICF System blocks have pre-formed interlocking mechanisms which ensure web connectors align vertically for attachment of surface finish materials.

Plasti-Fab is an authorized distributor of Advantage ICFs.

This Means that Mountain View RTM Homes can Prefabricate your basement. A basement ready to move. So both your home/cottage can be built in a factory right next to your basement, or walkout basement, all while simultaneously doing the site work, meaning you move into your new home far faster, with no weather or local trade delays.

For more information on Advantage ICFs, please visit the Advantage ICF website.

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