From factory precision to faster installation, modular construction offers an attractive range of advantages:


Frequently Asked Questions about RTM/Modular Building

Mountain View Industries

Mountain View Industries is Southern Alberta’s Indoor RTM (ready to move) and Modular Builder.   We specialize in commercial buildings, cottages, tiny Homes, park models and custom homes of any size in Southern Alberta’s largest indoor RTM facility.  We transport the pre-constructed buildings to anywhere in BC, AB, SK and US.  Due to our set-up, we can build these custom homes stronger, faster, and more affordable than a traditional on-site stick building.

Because of the ease of construction and shorter build times, our homes are now more associated with environment-friendly building and sustainability. More people started becoming interested in the method.
We manufacture custom-designed modular and RTM structures for comfort, looks, longevity and functionality. In Southern Alberta’s largest indoor facility, we construct the RTM homes, custom cottages and park models ensuring high quality, on time, weather-proof build, that is ready to move and be placed at your preferred location in 50% less time of traditional builds with far less site disruption.

What are the benefits of RTM / Modular Building?

60% reduction in build time

  • Exceeds Energy Code by 33% on average
  • Scalable design to meet future enrollment growth
  • Superior acoustic environment
What is RTM and Modular Building?

RTM and Modular Building Systems is a method of construction, not a building type. It greatly differs from temporary buildings, such as construction trailers or mobile homes. Mountain View builds custom-designed residential & commercial buildings just like their site-built counterparts. Using RTM and modular does not change the design, structural system, or finish materials options available to the owner and architect. The only difference is in the method of construction, and the benefits associated. RTM stands for Ready to Move.  The house or cottage is fully finished and constructed and then transported to your location and placed on a foundation and ready to move in (faster). Modular building is the piecing together of a larger building.   The pieces arrive in separate pieces and assembled on site.  This allows multiple story buildings of any size be built in an indoor factory setting, and then assembled on site.

Why should I consider a RTM/Modular home?

Peace of Mind.  We all have heard nightmare stories of soaring building costs, site theft, crazy building delays due to weather, injuries, trades, and supplies, and the poor workmanship that can happen with site-built homes.  These problems grow exponentially the further your property is from a major business center. Mountain View Ind. does nothing but build custom RTM and modular homes in a factory setting.  We do it at a fixed cost so you know your budget from the start.  We build all homes with the same trades and staff, all in our controlled indoor facility of 35,000 sq ft! The speed of Completion. The factory style building is a proven method of quick manufacturing and consistent quality.  Buildings are no different.  For instance, our electrician only has to walk out of one home, down 10 feet to the next, all indoors, with supplies pre-ordered and supplied, with the benefit of close supervision.  (Our supervisors are on the floor, not driving from one location to another) Your foundation can be built at the same time as your home.  In traditional building first one must be complete, then the next can be built.  We can even build both in our factory and deliver both foundations, and home to your location.   Many cases occupancy occurs 50% faster than with conventional construction   Build Quality.  We build stronger homes, with much stronger walls to survive the moving/craning process.  This means a stronger, more energy efficient building to make your home. Our Southern Alberta’s Largest Indoor, 35,000 SQ.FT. Facility means you will get a home built with all the same materials and to the same building codes and architectural specifications as onsite construction, just completed in an offsite, quality controlled environment. Our homes are also built to be able to withstand travel and installation requirements, creating a house that can be more durable than homes built onsite. Reduce environmental impact. Less damage and site disruption in the building lot of the home.  Safer construction process.  Also, fewer materials wasted, fewer materials end up in the landfill.

What is the price per square foot?

That all depends.  Your selections make a difference in the price of any build (there are $200 dollar faucets, and $1500 dollar faucets).  It is similar to asking how much for a 4-person car –  It varies. If you are interested in a model, please contact us and we will provide you with our standard pricing guide for your information on that model. Even though it is a tough general question to answer, as a specific question for a build you wish to move forward with, we will price out every item down to the screw for your specific accurate guaranteed estimate – no unexpected price shock- as often happens with site builds.

What does it cost to deliver a RTM home?

Moving Costs Vary.  It depends on the size of the building, and its components, and how far it is being moved.  If interested contact us and we can help with these answers based on the size of the home and your location.

Can I have the home, cottage, cabin, tiny home, building of my custom design?

Yes.  We have many floorplans on the website for inspiration, but in no way feel that is all we can build.  No matter what your dreams are  Mountain View will design and build around your life, lot, and dreams. We realize that every customer has a unique combination of ideas, expectations, and dreams. We can help you to achieve your dreams and help you through the many challenges ahead to make your new home building experience rewarding and as stress-free as possible, so let’s start planning your custom dream home today with our own in staff drafting team. Contact us today to discuss your design process.  We will custom design your dream home all without a commitment to build with us.  This is a fantastic way to begin working with us and feel comfortable all while moving your home closer to reality.

Where do you deliver RTM Homes to?

We service Alberta, British Columbia, Saskatchewan and USA.

What about Damage?

Some minor drywall cracking occurs during the move.  Not much different then when a site-built house settles.  We repair on delivery, and you have a 1 year New Home Warranty. Once touched up after delivery expect far fewer issues than with a site-built house, as we built it stronger in the first place. Any damage prior to being on the foundation is neither yours nor your insurance’s issue.  It is covered. We also have an  EXTENSIVE New Home Warranty.

How big can a RTM/Modular home be?

There are no limits.  Multiple floors, full basements, full garages, any sq.ft.

Who is responsible for the foundation?

“We’re breaking new ground” and can build your foundation in our facility!  The main feature of this basement is that it’s built with Energy Efficient, Magnesium Oxide structural Insulated Panels.  This product is ultra durable, fire rated, mould, water and pest resistant.  We can also install in-floor heat, hot water on demand and boiler systems at the factory. This is the perfect solution for us and the client as we are able to control the costs associated with trades. With our climate controlled factory, conditions and assembly line procedures optimize thermal insulation & air/vapour barrier installation, resulting in a tighter and better insulated envelope that requires less energy to heat & cool. Or, you can follow our plans and have a traditional foundation or screw piles (depending on plan design) built concurrently with the home. Whatever you desire, we will be there to support your building process.

Can you tell us about Mountain View Ind.?

Marilee and Geno, the owners, started as regular, old fashioned on-site home builders and struggled with what every contractor and their customers  struggle with: a constant churning of trades and schedules that were out of control. It was impossible to maintain consistent quality as so many elements of the building process are just not in control of the contractor. Seeking a solution, they designed a process that ensures quality and scheduling. This exceptional drive for quality, as well as personal and honest relationships with clients has proven highly successful as the business has continued to grow by almost 50% year after year. Mountain View Industries is driven by an understanding that for a home to be loved, it must be designed around each family’s lifestyles. For it to function as designed and be a lifelong asset, it must be more than beautiful, it must be solidly built. Mountain View builds the highest quality, custom designed, control built and Ready to Move homes. We build your premium, custom crafted home at a price that only controlled build allows. Our quality and service are unmatched in the industry. Mountain View Industries has the capacity to design and custom build your dream home –  each one is personal.  We work with you and walk you through every stage of designing your home so that it serves the unique needs of your family. We are the only Custom Builder of Quality Controlled homes; we care so much we even control the weather! We ship your home anywhere in British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba and the USA. Like children, our homes will eventually leave our home, and venture out into the word and into your heart.

Are you seeking trade partners and dealers?

We certainly are seeking quality partners and home dealers.  Fill out our Dealers Contact us page.

Do you design and Deliver Laneway Homes?

Yes.  RTM is the ideal solution to add a multi-generational living, aging in place option or even an Airbnb suite to a larger lot.  We can custom design one, either with or without a garage.  Due to the RTM method, this means far less interruption to those living in the original home, and far less site damage and disruption.  Also as all RTM, you can move in 50% faster!  Contact us for more information.  If you are seeking a builder for your laneway home, we would love to talk!

Do you do offer Modular Construction Projects for larger builds?

Yes.  Modular building is a tremendous benefit to larger projects and multi-story building. Examples are multi-family, hospitality,  remote housing projects and assisted living projects, just to name a few.  We offer many benefits with these builds,  speed to market and move in ready,  reduced and fixed costs, consistent quality. Please Contact us for more information.