900-1200 SQ.FT. Cottages, Homes and Tiny Homes

Cardston - 1127 SQ.FT.
Eagle - 1024 SQ.FT.
Magrath - 1138 SQ.FT.
Norquay - 1157 SQ.FT.
Pine Lake - 980 SQ.FT.
Temple - 1133 SQ.FT.
Waterton - 840 SQ.FT. Main Floor - 163 SQ.FT. 2nd Floor - 1003 SQ.FT.
Windermere - 952 SQ.FT.
If you are seeking a tiny home, cottage, or home we can either adjust these Ready to Move Home plans or design you one based off of these or from scratch.  Just ask us.

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