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Should I rebuild or Renovate with Modular Construction
Should I rebuild or Renovate with Modular Construction

Love the neighborhood but hate the home? A modular rebuild could be the best answer.

What do you do when you love the lot and the neighborhood, but the house has issues?

Unfortunately, the house is showing its age, the plan doesn’t work well, or perhaps the house doesn’t fit in with the new houses now being built in the neighborhood and you wish to add value to both your life and property.

Another reason you may choose to rebuild on an existing lot is a disaster may also have occurred, like a fire or structural issue.  

What ever brings you to needing to rebuild or extensively renovate and add additions, then you should first as:

Should you Renovate or Rebuild?

This is a difficult question faced by many.  Should I renovate or Rebuild?  One may think that renovating is the more affordable option to update and bring the home up to the standard desired. 

Though we’ve all seen or heard of nightmare renovations, where one thing uncovered in the process of the reno, changes the job, the timelines, and costs. 

What were a simple opening of walls and a new kitchen, it is then discovered to have mold, and structure problems, electrical and plumbing issues.  With each new discovery comes more scope of work, more time, and costs explode.  It is stressful and difficult to survive.

A contractor does not have x-ray vision, they literally do not know what will be discovered, and as problems are discovered, as they will be in an old home, they must be dealt with and the stress and strain on the homeowner both emotionally and financially begin to take its toll as timelines, scope and budgets spin out of control.

Renovations and additions to older homes will almost every single time, will discover unknown issues, and this makes both scheduling and budgeting an impossible task, and soon the project can grow to be the major stress in a homeowners life rather than an exciting change.

The schedule is a serious consideration, renovating always takes longer than building new.  Consider running electrical through an existing home, versus new.  With a new home build the electrician picks the right time to run the electrical, immediately after framing, nothing in his way, all brand new,  it is fast and efficient.  Doing the same thing in a renovation is far more difficult, nothing is simple, there is an existing infrastructure needing married or removed, and it takes a long time to complete, and a lot more money.  Renovating to the same level as a new build will take twice as long and twice the amount of money.

RTM Kitchen Photos of custom built rtm modular home
RTM Kitchen Photos of custom built rtm modular home by Mountain View Homes

In 2013 in Canada, homeowners spent $72.7 billion in 2017 on renovations.   Often because homeowners don’t consider other options, even though replacing an existing home with a modular rebuild may be the far faster, better, and more affordable option and 4 times as fast as renovating to the same level.

This is because there are clear benefits to rebuilding a home: predictable shorter project timelines, much lower construction costs, A fixed price with no surprises,   and the ability to build a new energy efficient home with all the modern conveniences.

Considerations, before deciding to knockdown or renovate, is the renovation you are considering, age and condition of the home, structure, electrical and plumbing systems, and the likelihood of discovering more issues in the renovation.  

Value of a renovation vs the cost must also be considered.  Below are statistics (from US) on average cost and value returned on resale.


MIDRANGEBackyard Patio$54,130$25,76947.6%
MIDRANGEBathroom Addition$44,717$26,76959.9%
UPSCALEBathroom Addition$83,869$45,75254.6%
MIDRANGEBathroom Remodel$19,134$13,42270.1%
UPSCALEBathroom Remodel$61,662$34,63356.2%
MIDRANGEDeck Addition (composite)$17,668$11,23963.6%
MIDRANGEDeck Addition (wood)$10,950$9,06582.8%
MIDRANGEEntry Door Replacement (steel) *$1,471$1,34491.3%
UPSCALEGarage Door Replacement$3,470$3,41198.3%
UPSCALEGrand Entrance (fiberglass)$8,591$5,80967.6%
MIDRANGEMajor Kitchen Remodel$63,829$37,63759.0%
UPSCALEMajor Kitchen Remodel$125,721$67,21253.5%
MIDRANGEManufactured Stone Veneer$8,221$7,98697.1%
MIDRANGEMaster Suite Addition$123,420$69,80756.6%
UPSCALEMaster Suite Addition$256,229$123,79748.3%
MIDRANGEMinor Kitchen Remodel$21,198$17,19381.1%
MIDRANGERoofing Replacement$20,939$14,32068.4%
MIDRANGESiding Replacement$15,072$11,55476.7%
MIDRANGEUniversal Design Bathroom$16,393$11,58170.6%
UPSCALEWindow Replacement (vinyl)$15,955$11,85574.3%
UPSCALEWindow Replacement (wood)$19,391$13,46869.5%

You will notice the value added to the house on average is 65%.  Meaning for every dollar put into a renovation you will lose 35%.  That is a horrible investment!

Required upgrades, and permits can become a serious issue in a renovation, as the below example shows:

Permitting costs for renovation work can be alarming as well. In the city of Vancouver BC, once construction costs exceed $5,000, the builder will need to meet certain new energy efficiency requirements. Over $50,000 and the walls may need to be deepened to allow for thicker insulation. If the project reaches around $95,000, city engineers will usually order a new sewer connection at the cost of $16,000 and if the renovation reaches 50% of the replacement value of the home, a sprinkler system would have to be installed. P.S. they aren’t cheap.


Building a New Modular Home Can Be 4x Faster than an extensive Reno. Cheaper too.

Now if you do decide that rebuilding is worth considering, then you have another decision to make:

Build new with a Stick Builder or Custom Modular Home Manufacturer.

So you’ve decided to rebuild instead of renovating, so that you can have the plan you want, the orientation, the energy efficiency, and sqft of home you desire.

Consider the following:

How long will building take?

The average length of time to build a new home with the traditional method of building is 1 year.   BUT MODULAR CAN SAVE YOU 50% OF THAT TIME.

You move in 50% faster with a Modular rebuild.

A modular home is a home constructed within an indoor facility.  Mountain View Industries has Southern Alberta’s Largest indoor prefab home building facility.  They build the home indoors in a factory setting.  This greatly speeds production, and the basement or foundation can be built concurrently with the home (in fact we can build the basement in the factory as well!), this can not be done in a stick build.

A stick builder must do everything sequentially, and modular builder can build concurrently.

In BC, Alberta or Saskatchewan?  Considering Rebuilding rather the Renovations, Consider Modular Construction
In BC, Alberta or Saskatchewan? Considering Rebuilding rather the Renovations, Consider Modular Construction

Site / Neighborhood Disruption.

The fact that the home is not built on site with a modular builder dramatically reduces the damage to the lot and your relationships with the neighbors.  Mountain View will only be on site for a couple of days.   This means that you don’t have a small army of trucks and trades taking all the parking in the area, tracking mud, and garbage for almost an entire year.  There is also no construction noise and disruption for the many months it takes a traditional builder to build on site.

Modular Building Protects the lot you love, the neighborhood you love and those relations with the neighbors.

Quality of Build

A Modular Home or RTM Home or cabin is built to the same building code (either international, British Columbia, Alberta or Saskatchewan Code) using the same materials as any stick built home.

A modular prefab home is designed to be stronger, as they have to move via truck upon completion then lifted with a crane to move it onto the basement or foundation, they are built far stronger than a stick builds for equal or less money.

Mountain View also uses plywood on the inside of the home under the drywall, with every stud glued, then additional ceiling support all to make a tremendously rigid structure, that is far stronger and better built than a site built home at the same or less cost.

Consistent High Quality

An indoor factory setting like Mountain Views’ ensure that there are no weather delays or weather damage.  As you know, the Canadian Climate is not friendly, and as your home is being built none of the materials are exposed to or damaged by the elements.

In traditional stick building, your living room will be rained and snowed in, and mud tracked in.  Today’s building materials are not well designed to be exposed to weather.  Example, a partical board, does not hold up well to moisture it swells and heaves.

The most significant effect of moisture absorption by MDF is that of swelling in the thickness. Where this
takes place there will be a small amount of residual swelling after the product has dried out. MR MDF exhibits
a much slower response to wetting than does Standard MDF. While thickness swelling and residual swelling
after drying out are also much lower, the slow response rate is a major practical advantage in minimising
moisture effects. Residual thickness swelling should be unnoticeable unless the panel receives a prolonged


A factory building setting also allows for the use of the exact same craftsman home after home, greater efficiencies, and quality.

The project manager is ALWAYS on site inspecting the work.  Stick builders will usually not be at the home to supervise the trades working on the home. Mountain View is also a CSA inspected facility, adding additional quality control and assurance.

Simply put, when we build a home we know before you ever take possession, it will travel down a road at 100km exposing it to possibly 150km winds, and then be lifted into the air with a crane to be set in place on a permanent basement of foundation.  They are built strong.

Modular RTM Home allows Faster Move in After Fire or Disaster
Modular RTM Home allows Faster Move in After Fire or disaster. Built Stronger and better by Mountain View Industries.

Guaranteed Price

Many modular home builders like Mountain View offer a guaranteed price. Often this is not the case with a custom home builder (especially a renovator).  With a Modular prefab builder like Mountain View,   You will know the exact and price long before construction begins.  This reduces stress dramatically.

If the speed of possession, fully custom plans with no limits of size or design, a certainty of price, strong build quality, and minimal site and neighborhood disruption matter to you, Contact Mountain View Modular Home Builder.


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