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As Tiny / Small house Builders we provide our insights and those of others.

What it is like to live in a tiny home
Tiny House Living, What is it Like? As Small house builders we share our thoughts

Tiny house living usually means changing how you live.  Now, I for one don’t live in a small home, mine is 1800 square feet, and we honestly use about a 1000, but on holidays and week ends we live aboard a 25-foot sail boat.  This has provided some unique insight as to what I have heard from customers, and seen online.

Simplifying life seems to allow you more freedom and joy. There is joy to be found in a minimalist lifestyle, but only if it suits you, and your family dynamic.

Here is a story I liked from a person that has been small minimalist house living for two years.  She made the journey in order to reduce her impact on the environment and to live sustainably.

She is completely in love with the lifestyle that tiny cottage living provides and says one of the secrets to tiny living is an ongoing process of if you bring something in, you must release something.

Watch it:

Why not live in a Tiny Home?

Like anything, if there are benefits or pros, there are cons or disadvantages.  This video on youtube touches on several important items, like the need to have one’s own private space, issues with socializing, and problems that couples also face, like contrasting sleep schedules.

Although she wishes to live more sustainably and consciously and loves the idea of the tiny home movement, she addresses some real key points to consider. It isn’t just the tiny home sale price that should be considered but it’s drawbacks too.

As a Tiny Home, Small Cabin, RTM, and Park Model Home Builder- Here are our thoughts.

Although the cost of designing, and building, a tiny home either on wheels, or on a foundation is considerably lower, as is the maintenance and operating costs of a tiny home vs a normal house, there are other considerations.

We can also design a modest RTM house, or cottage, or even a large modular homes or building with no size limits.  We do this far faster than site building and with the precision that only indoor factory building can provide. So you know we aren’t pushing tiny homes to the wrong people.

Take time to figure out the wants and needs you have today and try to imagine what they will be in the future.  

Take a few of these quiz questions into mind when considering the pros and cons of whether a tiny home is for you:

What is your Reason for Wanting a Tiny Home?

  • cost of building
  • sustainability
  • environmental
  • Simple Living
  • Rental for Air BnB
  • Additional Living for Family

What size of home have you lived in comfortably and happily?

  • 2000 +sqft
  • 1500- 1999 sqft
  • 1200-1499 sqft
  • 900-1199 sqft
  • 500-899 Sqft
  • LESS.

How many people and pets in your family?

Are you minimalists or do you find joy in owning and shopping for things?

What are your socializing space needs, and how often?

Do the codes and Laws in your area of BC, AB or SK allow small home living?

Are you prepared to downsize and adjust to what a smaller space requires?

If you would like to speak to our Tiny Home and Cabin New Home Sales Consultant about your desires please Contact US.

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