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Tiny Home Builder
This Tiny Home being Built by MVI, could be the answer to some big issues.

Tiny Homes could help with Affordable Housing and Rental Issues.

Home affordability has become a huge issue, especially in larger centers.  There must be solutions to provide affordable rentals and homes, perhaps tiny affordable houses will help. The new rules for mortgages, rising prices and costs, and the lack of incomes keeping pace with inflation have all led to a greater need for homes that cost less.

The recent trend to address this head-on is the “tiny home” or tiny house movement.  The new phenomenon has sought both to adjust the way people look at living within the homes, as well as making housing cheaper.  

It seems obvious that a home that is 400-600 square feet will cost less than a larger house.  What is less obvious, perhaps, is that the house plans and a cutting-edge design have led itself to become trendy and a wanted commodity.

The movement has also been about how we life versus just where we live. So those people who also are a part of the Small House Movement are seeking number to trade space for affordability, and have the desire to have fewer possessions and more experiences.

The Small Alberta town of Okotoks is looking to this trend to both aid affordability but also livability.  In response to a lack of community in their 29000 person town, a town dominated by front garages and a lack of knowing the neighbors, they seek to bring back the small town livability while adding affordable houses to the town with a new small house community of four acres.

The town is looking to use a Grant to aid in funding this new permanent foundation mounted tiny cottage community because it also promotes efficiency, accessibility and sustainability.

“The innovation fund’s criteria include long-term affordability, innovative design or financing models, resource efficiencies, accessibility features, viability and sustainability without government funding, along with other factors like repeatable design, accessibility to transit and a focus on social inclusion.”1.

“The tiny homes would range in size from 375 to 600 square feet. Fifteen per cent of the units would be wheelchair accessible. Recognizing the lands surrounding the town, another 15 per cent of the homes would be earmarked for Indigenous renters.1.

In Edmonton they too are seeking an answer to the big issue of affordability.

Coun. Andrew Knack is one of the many advocates of utilizing Tiny Homes and Cottages as a method of addressing the growing need to homes that both the young and the old can afford while creating communities that work.

“It’s a huge gap, a huge opportunity for seniors and more affordable housing (for anyone),” said Knack, who plans to introduce a motion to include tiny homes in the next infill revisions when staff return with an update this year.” -2

Although small, these tiny homes have some big detractors, and it is usually set into the laws of a city or town that disallows such living.  Many in cities like Vancouver and Calgary are trying to change those laws to allow affordable houses made by Tiny Home Builders or Park model homes to help the crisis. –3

Nak’azdli Whut’en First Nation in north-central B.C immediately saw the benefits that Tiny Home Building could provide as a method of fighting homelessness.  

It has proven to be a success after a pilot project of 3 new home builds, they are now looking to expand it.  The owners of the new homes are grateful, and it has changed their life for the better. 

Tiny Homes are helping to address what has become a housing crises. It aids with community and affordability and Mountain View Industries is proud to be on the forefront of this movement as our goals have always been to provide a precision factory built quality home at affordable prices.

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To find the top 10 tiny homes on the market, Redfin looked at “actively listed single-family homes under 600 square feet in more than 80 markets” and used the number of “favorites” from Redfin users to gauge each home’s popularity among home shoppers. The most popular tiny home currently on the market, according to Redfin, is a quaint, 580 square-foot home in Seattle, Washington. Listed for $309,950, the home certainly isn’t cheap, but it is less than half of the Seattle median home price of $772,729 (according to Zillow data).

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