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Enjoy this inspiration for your own Tiny Home and Cabin plan and Building

As a builder who specializes in Tiny Homes and Cabins, RTM (ready-to-move) Homes and Modular Home building I am always looking for inspiration.  I was looking at a folder of inspirational photos of Tiny Homes as I was creating plans for another tiny home in production and thought that the whole folder, simply culled images from across the internet, was very inspirational.  I decided to share with those who are perhaps considering building their own tiny cabin or small mini home.   I don’t own any of these images (except the feature image) they are simply images I downloaded because in some way they inspired me.  I hope they can do the same for you.

The tiny home movement has been growing, for a few reasons I have seen.  Number one is the idea that life can be simpler, and not based on hoarding of possessions but in your experiences and the simple joys.  Number 2 is for financial reasons, either as low-cost housing, or low cost guest house, or a very affordable way of making income with Air BnB whatever the reason, Small homes pack in some great value.  Another reason we’ve found is as a way of developing a recreational property, whether that property is in British Columbia, Alberta or Saskatchewan small houses present a unique way of developing the property, especially recreational property.

A lot of these photos are admittedly cute.  But the small house movement,  also speaks from a plan design perspective of sustainability and innovation- that is why Mountain View loves to design small houses.   We warn you, you will be contacting us to begin construction on your very own tiny cabin as soon as you see these!

If you are looking for a new home builder or tiny homes for sale Canada especially in British Columbia, Alberta or Saskatchewan we would love to have you contact us.  We can custom design and build your micro home plan, whether on wheels or foundation.  We have many tiny home designs as well as RTM Homes, and Park Models. Also visit our tiny house floor plans 


Sources, I honestly don’t know, a reverse google search should find any, and none of these images are ours.

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