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The modular construction market was valued at USD 86.98 billion in 2017 and is projected to reach USD 129.67 billion by 2023

a Markets and Markets report has valued the modular, prefab market currently at 86.98 billion and expected to grow annually by almost 7%.  We’ve seen just such growth, and commercial modular projects and now seeing the benefits of modular construction.

The benefits to builders, or developers or commercial projects of including modular construction include:

    • up to 50% Shorter Construction Time.
    • Reduced Site Disruption, damage, and noise
    • More Consistent Quality with inspection done in our precision factory setting.
    • Cash Flow increases around fixed cost component and far faster possession dates.
    • The flexibility of Use and design.

Here is a breakdown of primary participants in the Modular PreFab Building Trend:

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