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After a fire Modular can help rebuild quickly
Photo by: Serghei Cebotari After Disaster getting back to normal as fast as possible is essential

After a disaster hits, Modular / RTM Home building can get you back to “normal” 50% faster.

After a disaster strikes, whether it is a fire, wildfire, flood, or any number of other natural disasters you can be left without a home. Rebuilding as fast as you are able can help return some normalcy.

The sooner you can move back into a new home the sooner the healing starts.  This is what Modular and RTM home building can offer.  Precision built homes in a factory take less time to build and allow site preparations to continue during the home-building process. This concurrent building, along with facility efficiency, allows for a move in time 50% faster than traditional site-built homes.

Mountain View RTM has Southern Alberta’s largest indoor home building facility.  All building is completed by skilled long-term trades, out of the elements, on time, and on budget with a fixed cost.

Choosing a modular, rtm builder
 Modular Building Inside a Factor Setting speeds up move in times.

A modular home is the exact same as any other site built a home only the method of construction is different, with one exception, quality.  The modular or Ready to Move home is built from the inside out to be stronger, and easily withstand the rigors of on road moves on the home.  Meaning you get a house that is stronger built, than it’s site built cousin, and because it is built in a CSA approved and inspected facility it is precision built and inspected.

After disaster rebuilding of homes and lives

Reconstruction after a disaster like a fire can be more challenging than the original build.  It is a complex journey.

Clean up after a fire or disaster has to occur first.  Including ensuring that contaminants and dangers have been contained.  This can include as simple a thing as removing fridges and freezers, to testing water supplies and ash for danger.

Dealing with insurance companies and various layers of government.

Then permits and demo, and any other site work/clean up required.  Having infrastructure checked or re-ran.  

All this has to be done prior to swinging a single hammer towards the building of your new home.

A modular RTM Home is Built faster and stronger.
Built stronger, and move in faster.

Modular / RTM allows Home Building and Site Prep to be Completed Simultaneously.

Because a modular home or cabin is built separate from the foundation in a precision built facility for home building, it is not dependant on the site work and local infrastructure or trades who may be overly taxed after a disaster. Meaning:

You move in 50% faster!

When you complete a modular build, you will have a home that’s stronger, more energy efficient and more cost-effective, in half the time of traditional building. 

If you, or someone you know needs help returning their lives to normal as fast as possible after a disaster, please contact us and we can help.

Other Help after a disaster.

We only do one thing, really well, we build homes, but we are people, and understand how devastating this can be to have lost not only your home but your memories, stability and even your community.  

We remind you that local governments do have programs and counselling that can help, in BC, AB, or Sask.

Feeling Lost, disillusioned, angry are normal reactions and feelings.

We can’t help you with the trauma, but we sympathize and can help you move back into a new home faster.

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