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Prefab Modular RTM Homes and Cottages Alberta FAQ

This FAQ is for those people in Alberta, BC, or Sask who have questions and need answers about Prefab modular Homes and Cottages.

Are prefabricated houses / Cabins cheaper?

Generally, it is cheaper by about 5-10% than traditional homes built by a local home builder.  This is taking into account the additional expenses associated only with Modular and RTM homes and cottages.  One of those expenses is the shipping of the RTM home to the site in BC, Alberta, and Sask.  Although it traditionally comes in cheaper, the main selling features of a Prefab Modular home and cottage is far faster move-in times, more structurally sound, and escape from issues with local builders and trades.  Because of our offsite indoor builds, we can eliminate weather delays, trade delays and provide you a fixed price.

What is a prefabricated house?

It is almost the same as any traditional home builder makes, and is indistinguishable from that style of home, the difference is instead of having all the trades travel out to the site to build, we’ve centralized the manufacturing process into one location, we build a stronger home (to arrive after moving the home with no damage), and provide a closer supervision, and inspection than is able to be accomplished with a site build.   You can also view more info here on Wikipedia.

What is the difference between a prefab house and a mobile home?

A prefab Modular home is NOT a mobile home.  The two aren’t related.  All Prefab means is a traditional home or cottage is precision built in Southern Alberta’s largest indoor facility.  Manufactured homes that you see for sale, are related more closely to a 5th wheel travel trailer then a Prefab Modular RTM Home that MVI builds.   A Mobile home is not real estate and is considered a trailer.  A prefab Mobile home is the exact same as any home or cabin currently for sale in Bc, Alberta, and SK, it is a Normal Home, but the building location is different, that is the only difference.

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