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Do You have a prefab homes price list for BC, Saskatchewan or Alberta, Canada?

We are often asked if our Pre Fab Modular and RTM homes have a set price list that can help make your decisions easier. We do not have a set price listing as the location, of the final home, effects the price, so we need to know the site that the prefabricated home or cabin will be going to.   As these homes are moved down and as you can imagine,  the local roads in the province of British Columbia is a very different challenge than moving it through Alberta or Sask.   So in order to begin to give you a price we need to know where it will be moving to so we know if the home or cabin may be built in one piece as a RTM (ready-to-move or even home to go) or is too large (we can off-site build homes or buildings of any size) and must be factory prefabricated as a modular home, shipped in pieces or modules, then finally assembled into a home and finished on site.

The other aspect that doesn’t allow just a simple price list, is when you plan to build.  Prices on prefab homes are like prices from any old-fashioned on-site local builder and are GREATLY affected by the prices of the materials and finishes required for the home.  These finishes and materials to complete your new Prefab cabin or home can swing greatly depending on demand and even international issues like trade disputes.

So in order to get a price on your new Prefab home or cabin we request that you contact us.

Please let us know where you plan to move the Prefab modular home or cabin to within the provinces in Canada that we service that include BC, AB, and SK. and if you look through our floor plans and let us know what plans were of interest our trained and knowledgeable consultant can help get you the price list you need.


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