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Modular and Ready to Move Homes and Cabins for Sale in Alberta at Great Prices

MVI has Modular and Ready to Move Homes and Cabins that are for sale within Alberta at great pricing.  Purchasing a modular home, allows you to move in faster, into a stronger more solidly built home for cheaper than traditional site-built builders charge for their construction price.

A modular home, or it’s smaller cousin the RTM home/ cabin very similar to traditional homes that are built directly onsite.  The exception that construction of an RTM (Ready to Move)  or  modular home is completed in a precision based factory. Sections of the house new cabin is built in our INDOOR factory in Southern Alberta.  The whole house or cabin sections are taken by truck to the building site where the home construction is completed. The quality of modular homes is greater than traditional homes and they look and feel no different than the houses built by other homebuilders.   This style of construction eliminates the problems of local trades and weather delays.

Also because we can do site preparation like excavation while simultaneously constructing the basement and the house at the same time you move in up to 50% faster than other home builders timelines.  The longer a project takes the more uncertain the timelines, and uncertain the budget is.  We also always guarantee a fixed price.  No escalation due to delays or labor issues.

Choosing a modular or RTM cabin is easy as we have many different floor plans to choose from, or be inspired by, or we can design your own custom home for a cheaper price then you might expect.   Your Modular Cabin can come in all designs, both traditional and modern. These custom prefab cabins can all be built in the Southern Alberta’s largest indoor facility and moved to your site and assembled.

Because these Cabins are precision offsite built in our factory, then moved,  they can be built with very little site disruption, compared to an old-fashioned builder. This preserves your land, and it’s beauty while creating far less disruption for neighbors.

We have many models for sale, at fantastic prices.

We suggest you contact us now to know more.



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