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Modular RTM Home and Cabin Prices and Other Myths

Prefab Modular RTM House Prices and Myths

Prefab Modular RTM House Prices and Myths

A PreFab Home is like a Mobile Home.


Of the many misunderstandings and questions of RTM Modular Homes and pricing questions, we get this one often, and it is strange to need to address it because of they aren’t related at all.  A mobile home is more like the vacation trailer then a home.  They are home in trailer parks are usually low priced, poorly constructed and all look the same.  They are not considered real estate and plummet in value after purchase.

The term RTM home or modular home refers to simply a different building system.  Instead of carting all the supplies and trades to the location of the final house, then built on site, in progression, these are precision built in a factory at a fixed price, then moved and finally assembled on location.  These are real homes that are just built in a climate controlled setting by a consistent set of trades.

Modular Homes all Look Alike.


Modular homes are indistinguishable from any other home built on site.  Although precision built in a factory setting, they are not rolling off a production line like so many of the same car.  Each modular home is custom designed from the ground up with the owner’s dreams and lifestyle as a guide.   We work with each customer to draw up plans unique to them, and build them the home in the most efficient method, with the care, quality, and inspections that only a factory can provide and at a price that is fixed from the start of the project.  Modular and rtm home pricing is obviously dependant on the design and materials, as well as whether it is built in BC, AB or SK.

An RTM Home is a home that is the size that is allowed to be moved by home movers, and a modular is larger and hence is made into modules, moved to the site for final assembly.

Price of custom modular rtm cabin Modular RTM Off Site Construction price RTM Modular Home Prices Myths of Modular Building and price alberta rtm home cottage pricing

Modular Homes are not built as well as traditional site-built homes


As you can see in the picture above, these are real homes but they do have to be built stronger to survive travel and craning and being placed.

They are also built with high-quality materials in a controlled environment indoors so that the materials are never exposed to the elements minimizing warping wastage and this ends with a stronger more air sealed home that is efficient and built green.

A Modular Home Price is Cheaper then Stick built alternative.

True -ish.

There is definitely cost advantages to precision building your new home or cabin within an indoor factory setting, but by the time it is moved on site and in place we find it isn’t radically differently priced though usually a little cheaper.  what you get for Modular home Price is:

  • Stronger more solid home
  • A home with materials that haven’t been exposed to the elements
  • A Cabin or lane home that disturbs the building site very little.
  • Move in time that is almost 50% faster than site built
  • A factory inspected home.
  • A home that is built on schedule with no weather delays
  • A home built for the price quoted.  A fixed price with no variation.
  • A home built despite lack of skilled local trades.

If you are considering a home or cabin to be built in eastern British Columbia, Alberta, or Saskatchewan, consider modular build, and what price we could do it for, please book a consult with our Staff.

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