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Tiny Home Construction
Tiny Home Construction is what we do. From Modular Construction, RTM Homes, Park Models, and Tiny Homes


Finding an Architect, or Tiny Home Builder, or Small Home Building contractor can be confusing and challenging.  Whether your home is in Alberta, British Columbia, or Saskatchewan the building codes differ and must be taken into account.  Also if it is on wheels, the home must adhere to CSA guidelines and be built in a CSA approved facility like us here at Mountain View Homes.

Should you choose an Architect, a Builder, or a Contractor?

Tiny Home Architect:

A small home architect is a person you contract to design the home plans for you.  Although some architectural firms can also manage the building process as well, they usually do not.

The Tiny Home Architect will meet with you and listen to what your goals are and ask you about how you live, and what is important to you.  They will then go away and design a plan from all they have gathered from you.  

Because an architect is a designer, their own style and design aspirations (possibly getting news coverage or magazine articles) may not match your desires, or budget, and be far more expensive to build than other options.

If you hold your ground and understand the costs of building they will usually be happy to adjust their design again, to fit you, and your needs.

Once this process is complete, they will usually draft up a set of design plans and give those to you to then find a tiny cabin builder or contractor.

Typically this cost will be between 10% to 20% of the entire cost of construction of your little home or cottage.

Tiny Home builder building in our Indoor Manufacturing Plan
This is a Tiny Home being built in our precision indoor manufacturing facility that is CSA approved.

Tiny House Builder:

A Tiny Home Builder in Ab, BC, or SK., like Mountain View RTM Homes, is a more direct path to having a home built.  You can approach a builder with either the plans from the architect, or you can save money by having the builder use plans they have, or if they are a custom builder, they can design the plans to suit you.

A custom Home Builder like Mountain View will have a designer on staff to go through the same process as with an architect.  They will meet with you, discuss your budget, your needs and wants.  

Here having visual aids will help you. Go online and find inspiration and small house plans you love or pieces of tiny cabin plans you like.  Bring in pictures and floor plans to the meeting.  Discuss finishings and selections you would like.

The custom little house builder will go through the design, and create renderings for you to get an exact view of what the home will look like then work with you to ensure you get exactly what you like.  

Working with Mountain View we have no limit on the number of changes, to the plans, but it is something to check, so you are not charged more.

Depending on whether you you want a permanent site tiny home, or you want the home on a trailer will also affect the builder you choose.

If you want a unique tiny homes on wheels it must be manufactured and built in a CSA approved and inspected facility.

Mountain View has the largest indoor, CSA Approved facility in Southern Alberta. So if a mini trailer home is what you seek the CSA approval is the same safety approval given an RV.  

Going straight to a Tiny Home Builder is probably the cheapest way to build your Small home or cottage. 

Because of the unique nature of building a tiny home either on foundation, piles, or trailer, the builder should be specifically skilled at building and designing such homes. 

Now the Tiny Home Movement really only started in less than 20 years ago in the 2000s.  This means that in depth knowledge is often lacking, so look towards RTM Home builders, park model builders, or even Modular construction companies.

Here is an article on choosing a Tiny Home Builder.

Tiny Cabin Manufacturer BC, SK, BC
Small Home Tiny Cabin Manufactured in AB delivered to Sk and BC.

A Tiny Home or Cabin Contractor

A contractor is really only a viable option if it isn’t on wheels.  If you are looking for a site built home then a contractor could help.

Understand the building a small tiny home or cabin presents some unique challenges that a contractor who builds full scale homes won’t be experienced with.

Moving a tiny home into place from an experience precision building facility is probably faster, comes with a fixed price, and built stronger then a site building contractor can provide.

Next Step:

Reach out and contact us, we are a custom design build company with extensive experience and one of the top tiny home builders with small homes, Modular home construction, RTM (Ready to move) Homes and Tiny Homes and Trailers.


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