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Even a Tiny Home or Cabin needs a Good Quality Builder

Tiny Cabin Manufacturer BC, SK, BC

Small Home Tiny Cabin Manufactured in AB delivered to Sk and BC.

Even a Tiny Home or Cabin in Alberta, BC or Sask still is not a tiny investment and should be taken very seriously.  Whether you are building this Tiny House to be a new lane home, or perhaps an AirBnB rental on your land, guest house, or your residence if you are seeking a tiny cabin or home, it is because you are looking to simplify, and perhaps choose to experience life vs paying for empty space.  Even with a small home, your costs can add up, and with so much at stake, you need to make sure you are choosing the right builder.


The small house movement is fairly new, and even more risky it is trendy.  What we are seeing is many contractors and other new companies coming it to say they are small home builders.  Make sure that the builder you are choosing from has decades of experience with building portable, on wheels or on foundation homes.  A small mistake in the building makes for big problems in a Tiny Home.

Do your digital legwork to find the perfect builder.  As it is a fairly new type of build, look for decades of experience with similar types of builds like RTM Home building where a complete home is built in a precision factory setting then moved out and place on foundations on the land, or park models, that in a great many ways are very similar to tiny homes.  Make sure they have a designer on staff.  Every inch counts, and when fighting for every inch of space, and designing a small space to work for your lifestyle I can Guarantee you will need to customize your plan. Do your homework and ensure they have the experience to build, warranty, and design your dream Tiny Cottage.

Check their online reviews.  Now like any reviews take it all in stride.  If there are negative comments, make a note of them and ask the builder in the next step for understanding.

RTM Home like a Tiny Home is delivered to BC, AB, SASK

RTM home experience is similar to the building of a Tiny Home or Cabin, as they build to deliver across BC, AB, and Sask.



Once you’ve made a short list of companies with experience and can deliver to your area, you should  contact each house builder.

  • Ask them:
  • about their exact experience with Tiny Homes / Cottages.
  •  Ask them about their experience in a related building like Ready to move homes or park models.
  • Ask if they are CSA approved and inspected?
  • What is their warranty? Can they deliver to where every in Western Canada you are?
  • Where is the Tiny Homebuilt?
  • Is the building materials exposed to the elements during building or is it built indoors?
  • Do they have a designer on staff?
  • How long have they been in business?
  • Is it build by staff or sub-contractors?
  • Do they have 3rd party inspection done on site?
  • What is their purchasing process?
  • What Timelines would they expect, both to start and finish?
  • Will the provide references you can talk to prior to purchasing?
  • Can you visit their facility where the building will take place prior to purchasing?
Tiny Home Builder

MVI builds all our custom tiny homes or cabins indoors out of the weather, protecting your investment. Build in a precision built, and inspected environment.


Narrow down your list of qualified builders to two or three.   Include in the shortlisting the ease of communication you had, the answers to the questions above, and your general level of trust.

Now Schedule to meet them.  This may mean a road trip to visit, but with so much riding on your decision go out of your way to meet the people behind the emails and phone calls.  Meet them at the location that they build,  See what other projects they have going, the quality of those builds, and the ease of communication you feel.  See how everyone interacts with you, treats you, including staff and trades.

Communication and experience are critical to the building success of any project, this includes RTM Homes, and Tiny homes or Cottages.


So from your experience above, remove any builder that was not a success.  DO NOT KEEP GOING with a house builder you are not completely comfortable or confident with, even if they are lower priced – Price of your small cabin should not be the only criteria to choose a new home construction company or you may be in for a nightmare.

Once you have your min of two estimates, ensure you are comparing apples to apples.  There are a great many ways to hide the true cost of a home construction, so make sure you are comparing apples to apples, Then ask:

  • Are there specs the same?
  • Is the build quality the same?
  • Does it include inspections?
  • Does it include delivery?
  • Is it a fixed cost? or are they going to “spring” additional costs at you later?
  • Are they desperate for the work? if so are you sure they will survive the build or go under during?
  • Is your deposit protected?
  • Beware of deep discounts or very low pricing.


Before giving the builder the work, check their references.  Beware of any high-pressure tactics, take your time and discover who is building your home.



You are ready to do it.  You’ve chosen a qualified, safe,  builder.

  • Ensure the design will be customized to your needs
  • Know the payment terms
  • READ and understand the contract.
  • Check Provincial Licensing, including Pre-Paid Contractors license, insurance, business license.


Well, some would say we are not objective, but we feel we are the best new home builder to handle your Tiny Home project in BC, Alberta, and Sask..

Please consult with our Tiny Homes Sales Consultant.

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