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An RTM Modular Home can be easily Adapted to mobility or age in place requirements.

Your Home is your castle and needs to work around your lifestyle.  This is a basic tenant of any custom home builder including an RTM Modular Builder.  This includes any mobility issues, handicaps, or even age in place plans.

According to the Rick Hanson Foundation, In 2006 14.3% of Canadians had a disability6. That is one in seven Canadians.   That is a very large minority of people, and the only minority anyone can join at any time.

A custom RTM home can be easily designed to you and your accessibility requirements.  Whether you are in a wheelchair every room customized to you or just have plans on aging (warning it happens even if you don’t plan for it!). Many existing homes aren’t designed with this in mind, and simply don’t work for those with special requirements.  When building your own custom modular or RTM home we can ensure it has the features and accessibility you require to ensure your home is your castle.

Since many existing homes have too many stairs, hallways that are too narrow, bathrooms poorly designed,  sinks and counters poorly designed. Not only can these be difficult for many reasons for some then can even be outright dangerous without handicap accessibility.

Mountain View can work with you to ensure your home works exactly as you need it.

We can add features like:

  • Elevators between floors
  • wide hallways and doors
  • Lower sinks with space under them.
  • open vanities to wheel under.
  • Special grab handles
  • Special barrier-free bathrooms and showers.
  • turning radius’ accounted
  • Custom designed closet and cupboards.
  • Ramps
  • Open concept living.

So whether you have immediate accessibility or mobility features you need, or just planning for the future and ensuring you can age in place in your own home, Mountain View would love to custom design the home of your dreams.

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