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Price is just one reason Modular / RTM Homes in rural & urban areas are Booming!

While Canada as a whole has been slower than the rest of the world in the uptake of Modular and RTM Homes, demand is now booming especially in rural areas of B.C., Alberta, and Saskatchewan.  While Millions of buildings in Japan are Prefab modular constructions, ranging from hotels to multi-family sites to single family homes and cottages, where 15% of all new construction projects done via offsite factory building, Canada has lagged behind, but now it appears the consumer demand is growing and the price is just one factor.

Consumers appear to love the fact that factory-built homes mean shorter building timelines, better quality, fixed prices and far fewer issues with local trades.

Manufactured Housing Association of B.C., says modular housing is the way of the future and the Canadian Home Builders Modular Construction Council seems to agree considering that factory-built building production in Canada was over $1.6 billion in 2016, up 3.5 percent from 2015.

As the rural demand for housing and cabins/cottages grow – a real lack of qualified home builders and contractors become apparent.  Timelines grow as do budgets. So many people are looking with renewed interested in the RTM Cottage and Modular home model.  Built in a high quality inspected factory then shipped out as a whole or in pieces, there is not lack of customization or any limitation in size.  Marilee Vincent of Mountain View Industries states “The certainty of a guaranteed price, the difficulty in getting local trades, and a move in date often 50% of the traditional builders has been the number one reason that people are moving to factory-built homes.”

In urban areas, densification, as well as a desire for more affordable houses have been driving demand.  With smaller backyard style homes/garage called laneway homes being approved in many cities like Edmonton and Calgary ( City of Calgary Laneway Home Experience. ).  These back ally secondary suites can be easily moved into place without the hassle and damage to the site that on-site construction is known for.  Perfect for not annoying your neighbors and not destroying your existing yard while adding space to either rent, or have families living together, yet independently.

We are also seeing many new affordable housing initiatives in urban cities that are utilizing the increased efficiencies inherent in factory building to provide an affordable yet high-quality home to those who need a more affordable option.  RTM Homes and Modular homes are very real, real estate.  Actually, they are more solidly built then traditional homes, and impossible to tell them apart by looking and are appraised the same or higher than most traditionally built home so as to ensure affordable housing is the first step up, to greater things.

Demand and interest is strong across Eastern BC, Alberta and Saskatchewan.

Mountain View Specializes in RTM and Modular Building and would love to speak to you about your project.

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