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Do we build RTM (ready to move) homes for Saskatchewan, BC and AB?

This is one of those usual email requests from our clients in Sk.  We do in fact have many 2 story RTM model homes that can be custom built to Saskatchewan, Alberta or BC specific building code and climate.

We would suggest the first step to getting your 2 story RTM home in Saskatchewan is to view floor plans for inspiration.

1500-2000 SQ.FT.

Over 2000 SQ.FT.

Once you’ve viewed a few 2 story homes, know that they can be customized to your desires or we can completely custom design the home of your dreams and also plan the type of basement or foundation you want.

There are pros and cons of a two-story home vs a ranch-style bungalow that one should consider no matter what province the RTM is being delivered to.

PROS of a 2 story RTM home.

ELEVATED VIEW-  Of course your view still exists from a bungalow but the elevation provides a view of your land, unlike a lower home.  This view really becomes important when you consider the beautiful lots we often deliver our modular Prefab home to within BC, AB, and SK.  If you have scenery or long for a great view of the sunrise or valley then perhaps the elevated view afforded by a 2 story house can help you appreciate it even more.

SEPARATED BEDROOMS- A bungalow by its nature has to merge the living space like the kitchen and living room with the bedrooms, whereas a 2 storey home naturally separates those spaces.  This is often critical in larger families and younger families.  By separating two floors we can custom design a floor plan to each level and ensure your new prefab house fits your lifestyle.

MORE HOUSE ON LESS LAND- This is a huge benefit, and also the cost of building up is often cheaper than building out.  By utilizing a two-story rtm plan you get far more square footage of living space for a square foot of land.


STAIRS- Now this isn’t me in particular.  Stairs lend a beautiful aspect to the design of a prefab modular off-site built home, but often people believe they become unsafe with age.  I personally believe that stairs within a home give aging people the leg exercise often lacking, but if one is unable it is critical that a house functions completely on a single level and this is where most ranch style home plans shine.

NOISE- Well perhaps a two-edged sword here, but the noise from above does travel down.  We can do a lot to silence that nose, and a RTM home is built naturally far quieter than its on-site built home.  At the same time distance that a 2 story RTM home plan provides can help minimize noise as well.  Consider it both ways.

Contact Us about your 2 story home plans in Saskatchewan, BC, or Alberta.

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