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Why are RTM Cottages and Cabins are gaining in Popularity?

This ready to made cottage is rolling out of our production facility.

This ready to move cottage is rolling out of our production facility.

Warm weather is upon us, and as notifications of fire bans are beginning to be put on throughout BC and Alberta many begin to think of the summer days at the Cabin or Cottage. Do you wonder why RTM cottages and cabins are growing in popularity?

Once families have found the perfect plot of land to call a vacation spot from regular of life, they soon begin to worry again about building their dream Cabin.  As they begin the planning process they are soon to discover that building in some of the more off the beaten track locations that we choose to summer, comes with challenges as a future builder.  To build it on site requires finding a construction company that works in the area, is competent, and available (always be careful, usually one is true, competent and booked for quite some time, or incompetent and available)  Also they soon discover the toll that traditional building will have on the very land they fell in love with.

On top of that, often in more off the beaten track places the quality and availability of materials, and trades drive costs up.

So these vacation home building families soon discover RTM or Ready-to-Move homes.   Mountain View RTM Homes have seen a steady increase year over year of families choosing to build their new cottage as a Modular or RTM Home.   Modular Construction and rtm is a growing trend that we are also seeing at Mountainview Industries here in Western Canada.

We can do anything that a traditional construction or home building company can do, but we do it within Southern Alberta’s Largest Indoor RTM Home Building Facility.  This out of the weather facility ensures less waste and damage to building products, and No Weather Delays.  This is critical in those harder hits by weather areas like Elkford, or Fernie, or even Fort Macmurray.

We can do anything a site built contractor can do, but we can have you moving into your new cottage or cabin up to 50% faster for a fixed price, and minimal site disruption, meaning that nice piece of land will be almost untouched, and your neighbors will still like you!

From the first email contact to Mountain View we can help guide you through each and every step.  We will work with you to custom design the dream cottage you and your family long for.

Due to the added strength required to move and crane the home onto it’s permanent foundations, you end up with a stronger, better built, cabin then you ever would have received from site built.

RTM Home Cabin and Cottage Delivered.

RTM Home Cabin and Cottage Delivered.

Custom Cottage

Custom Cottages




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