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How to Hire the Right Builder to build your dream home or cabin.

Custom Home Builder for Cabins Cottages Modular and RTM Homes

So if you are looking at this, you are probably overwhelmed by the sure amount of choice there is.    There are a lot of contractors, traditional builders, and factory builders to choose from.

The amount of choice you do have does at times make the decision harder, and even more important.

The builder you choose, you will be in a relationship with for many months and possibly years and have your dreams, vision, and investment in trust.  So communication is essential.


The Very First thing you need to do is start talking to home builders, contractors, and RTM / Factory builders.  Share with them your plans and vision and just start the process of talking and developing a relationship.  Soon you will see what ones you are comfortable with, who is pushy, who never answers, who doesn’t know what they are doing, and those who you click with.


We’re not saying you need your blueprint to be completed and know exactly when your building and your budget, but the basics should begin with the communication.  Share your must haves, your wants, and also your hates.  When beginning the conversation this will help to see who shares your vision.  Have a list, IE:

  1. I live in Elkford, thinking about building in the next 6 months.
  2. Want a west facing the balcony
  3. I love the floor plans you have under modern floor plans.
  4. I want a stand-up shower in the master and a walk in pantry.


The next step is choosing your home builder anywhere in BC, Sask, or AB,  is discussing your timelines.  When do you wish to begin building, move in?  This will begin to thin the field very quickly especially among local traditional builders and contractors- and you will begn to see the benefits of MVI’s Factory RTM Construction system.

Site/Neighbor Impact:

Construction on site can have a significant impact both on the home site, and on the neighbors, ensure you discuss this with your potential home builders.


Now, this Critical aspect of the process can help to further decide who you are compatible with.  But also look at the warrantees, the guarantees, the inspections, weather the quote is fixed price or variable, also timelines what happens in the event of a weather delay?


You should have a good feel for the companies by now, and even if they check each box, ask yourself if these are the people you like.  How does it feel.  No home build goes without some stress, and can you trust and work together with these few builders left to get your home and dreams delivered.

CONTACT US Now to start a conversation.

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