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If you are looking to design a home from scratch, why not give your kitchen some deep thought at that time.   It is one way to give your home that feeling you want, and nothing affects the way a new RTM, Modular home functions like the design of the kitchen. It also gives you a chance to entirely change the way you entertain, spend family time and will increase the equity in your home, while adapting it to your lifestyles.

Today’s kitchens are among the most versatile they have ever been. Kitchens are no longer uni-purpose rooms. They exist for more than for simple cooking and serving a meal. Today’s kitchens are gathering places for family and friends. They are favorite hangouts for the family and their friends and guests. They have largely replaced the formal dining room.

Kitchens are where you and your family can cook, and eat, and meet, play, and socialize. The kitchen is where the family often comes together. From here, many parents and individuals organize their daily activities. The kitchen table, corner nook or countertop becomes the place where people sit, a cold or hot drink in hand. Leaning over one of the kitchen’s many surfaces, pen in hand or computer at their fingertips, they sit and pay their bills, do homework, or plan a vacation. The kitchen is also the scene of many a heart-to-heart talk over a cup or 2 of coffee.

A Modular home is your new opportunity to create and design the custom kitchen for your lifestyle.  The kitchen is the heart of the house. It is also one of the first rooms many home buyers check out when they come to view a home. This is the so-called “hot ticket” among real estate agents. It increases the chances of their house being sold for more, faster.  As you know at this point, there is no differences between how people see a stickbuilt/site built home, and how they see a modular or RTM home.

Another top-of-the-list motivating factors between our cottage and home customers in Alberta, or BC and Sask,  is modernization. It needs to move into the current. Perhaps, you want to bring in new gadgetry. There are not enough receptacles to handle all your current small appliances. As a result, you need to modernize the kitchen – increase its ability to handle the new equipment. The same rationale applies to make the kitchen a “greener” environment.

As you’ve already chosen a Green building construction method, or factory built home, it could make sense to look into greener kitchen and floor options at the same time.

Whatever your family, and lifestyle, whether it is for a cottage, cabin, or home, anywhere in Western Canada, Mountain View Ready to Move homes can Deliver.

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