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The Benefits of an RTM Home or many, but here is a few ones to consider.

We can easily ship a home anywhere in Alberta, Sask, or BC.  No worries about finding trades in remote locations, or the long waits associated.

Quality Control – Because RTM’s are designed and built in our dedicated indoor facility where we quality control officers, managers and owners intereact daily with your home.. This implies that day by day quality control checks to guarantee that our homes are of the most astounding quality.  Also we are a a CSA approved and inspected facility.  All that is covered then by Progressive New Home Warranty once it leaves the factory.

Cost Control – The plant setting, minimizes expenses as materials can be bought in mass and remaining materials can be utilized for the following house. Sub Trades likewise don’t need to cause travel costs and there is no squandered work cost for consistent set up, bring down, and transportation.  We guarantee our fixed price quote.

Speed – A RTM can be finished considerably quicker as there is no squandered travel time, no sub trade issues since we use the same ones again and again.  , set up and take down of tools and power, and you can have the foundation, or basement simultaneously with the home development

Controlled Environment – In a controlled environment of our facility there is no weather delays, and materials aren’t getting wet and ruined prior to use.

Accommodation – We deal with the development of your home so you don’t need to stress. Likewise, you won’t need to survive a building site.

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