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What is MVI Modular Construction?

The modular construction method is building built off-site, within controlled plant conditions, utilizing identical materials and planning and identical building codes and standards as conventionally built homes and cottages. – however, in approximately 50% the time usually required.   Buildings are created in “modules” that are then moved on-site and assembled.   They are stronger built then traditional homes, and you move in faster.

Mountain View  Modular Home Building is Greener:

The factory-controlled method generates less waste, creates fewer On-Site disturbances and that means far more efficient building.

Greater Flexibility: MVIs Modular buildings are often  built in peices, then the modules are moved to the building site, reducing the demand for raw materials and minimizing the of energy spent to build a building while reducing waste.

Less Material Waste: Building in a very CSA Approved Manufacturing facility,  waste is eliminated by efficient use of materials, inventory control, environmental control provided by protective building facility.

Improved Air Quality: as a result of our process as well, completed in a very factory-controlled can reduce the potential levels of poor quality air within a construction environment, and reduce all moisture issues.

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