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Here we are Placing the Main Home onto the Factory Built Basement.

An Interesting Article on Bob Villa’s Site:


“Whether it’s called a modular home, a systems-built home, or a factory-built home, the modular home is a misunderstood product. Despite a steady growth in sales, the modular home industry still battles public misconception. The move towards green modular homes and a continued commitment to consumer education are helping to raise the public’s perception of this promising housing alternative.

Continuing Education
The modular home industry is still struggling to shake comparisons to mobile homes (or homes with axles and a chassis) and is equally confronted by misinformed consumers who perceive the modular product to be “cheap.” Although the modular home-building process does produce less construction waste, takes less time, and can be a little easier on the budget, the end product is anything but cheap — and industry proponents are eager to spread the word.

“The truth is modular homes appraise at the same, if not more, than a stick-built home,” insists David Cooper, president of Modular Homes, Inc. of Edison, NJ. “They are built with more materials, they are constructed in factories that have it down to a science and are built sturdy enough to sustain the hurricane-force winds of being driven down the highway.””

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