1500-2000 SQ.FT. RTM and Modular Homes

built in Alberta, and delivered faster to AB, Sask and BC.  We can even build basements ready to move, so your home, your basement, and your site prep can all be built at the same time!

Arrow Wood 1979 SQ.FT.
Beaufort - 1920 SQ.FT.
Blue Ridge - 1097 SQ.FT. Main Floor - 515 SQ.FT. 2nd Floor - 1612 SQ.FT.
Canmore - 1643 SQ.FT.
Carriewood 1578 SQ.FT.
Columbia - 1713 SQ.FT.
Hill Spring - 1600 SQ.FT.
Homestead - 1632 SQ.FT.
Kingsley - 1590 SQ.FT.
Livingston - 1455 SQ.FT. Main Floor - 285 SQ.FT. 2nd Floor - 1740 SQ.FT.
Nakiska - 1770 SQ.FT.
Paquette - 1495 SQ.FT.
Remington - 1810 SQ.FT.
Rocky - 1643 SQ.FT.
Sandy Ridge - 1920 SQ.FT.
Sumak - 1560 SQ.FT.
Summer View - 1751 SQ.FT.
Tamarack - 1680 SQ.FT.

We can construct the custom home or cottage of your dreams

We are a custom home builder that can move your home on site, 50% faster than a site built home.  If you found inspiration in the plans above we can edit, or design from scratch the home of your dreams.  We are a RTM home builder that also utilizes modular techniques so there are no limits to the home or cabin we can build for you.

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